This site is a pathfinder, a collection of books, websites, and other resources which can lead you to information on a specific topic. In this case, the topic being covered is New Wave Science Fiction, which will be further defined and explained in the Introduction.

This pathfinder has been developed as part of an assignment for a graduate-level class at the University of Tennessee, Sources and Services for the Humanities. As such, there are some resources being presented here which might be accessible through subscription only, and members of the public may not be able to access them without paying a fee.

For this topic, particular emphasis has been placed on resources which can be accessed for free online, or in print at your local library, for those who are not able to access these subscription-only resources.

I hope that this can help anyone looking to learn more about the New Wave, or trying to find works by science fiction authors from that time period. Feel free to explore!